Aside from hoping and waiting for the phone's owner to make contact somehow, there's not a lot you can do in that situation. Until NOW, that is, when we've discovered a sneaky little hack which allows you to access the phone without using a four or six digit code to gain entry. But it's worth a try nevertheless. So here's how you do it, courtesy of YouTubers Social Star Hold down the home button until Siri appears.

Ask Siri what the time is but perhaps warn those around you that this is what you're doing, unless you want to be met with a choir of "quarter to ones" like I was. When Siri displays the time, click on the image of a clock. Then select 'When timer ends'. Scroll to the top of the ringtone list and select 'Buy more tones'. This should open the Apple Store. Click the home button again and it should bring up the main phone screen with full access to the phone FYI, when I tried this after the first time, it seemed to get stuck at point number 7 - despite clicking the 'Buy more tones' option repeatedly, it refused to open the Apple Store.

So perhaps our phones are smarter than we think when it comes to security Obviously there's a worrying flipside to this hack, which is that it means somebody could gain access to your phone and the information contained within it, without your permission. But as long as the morally right purposes outweigh the more dubious ones, we'd say it's useful to know.

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how to get into someones phone without knowing the password

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Entertainment.Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. LockWiper Android is the best tool for unlocking Samsung device without losing even the smallest data such as call logs or browser caches. It opens a locked Android device in not more than 5 minutes, and you will be able to use the device immediately after unlock.

Download Now. Then, launch the program and follow the steps below:. Step 2: Carefully choose the set of details that matches your device and click Start. The Android debug bridge is an internet hack tool that can unlock Android phones without using the password.

It's not that easy for everyone, so you may need to learn how to use this way to unlock your Android phone. This will allow you to remove the lock without losing any data.

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button to activate Power options on the screen. Step 2: If the option for restarting with Safe mode is on the screen, click it to complete the process. The process is simple and is seen below:. Step 3: Check the list of connected devices and select the device you want to unlock. This will unlock your device.

The Tool supports over 6, different models and varieties of Android phones and tablets. Offers two different unlocking modes: screen lock removal and Google FRP lock bypass.Well, the majority of civic use passwords, patterns, and numbers to shield their data from phones, but a few times they forget their passwords and this leads to face many problems.

In that situation, it becomes hard for them to remind the password or unlock the phone either. Thus, if you have confusion that if you fail to remember your password or pattern any day and you are willing to know that how to hack password on android, then you are at the best place.

Here, we will let you know about different ways and the best applications for unlocking your cell phone. Well, using those applications you can easily hack the password of your children android and get to know what he does all day when you are at home with him. The same case applies to partners or employers. Partners can easily use spying or password hacking applications to know whether their spouse is cheating on them or not.

Employers can even know whether their employees leaking out some personal talks of their company or not. This is one of the best and easiest ways to Hack Phone Password on Android as compared to others. Now, register your account and submit some personal details about you like username, the contact number of the person you want to hack and else.

You also need to choose the name of the device you want to hack. If you are in search of the best application in order to hack phone password or lock of an android device then you will explore a large number of different applications.

Yes, it is an amazing application which aids you to unlock all kinds of passwords. The tool will successfully fix up the sullied files of your Android device. This is another best feature on Samsung to hack the password on android and for this; you must have a Samsung account. Now, you can use your device within a few minutes. And if you have no idea how to know their password and follow these mentioned below steps.

Though, if you are still getting a choice to put a password to unlock the device then there is no requirement to worry about that. You can utilize any random pattern to reach the android device, and now as the earlier pattern is disabled. With the mentioned above methods, you can easily unlock or hack the password, pattern or PIN of any device without damaging or deleting any data in the device. In case of a factory reset, the data accumulated in the android device will be trashed.

Well, booting into a safe mode is a very easy way if you want to hack the password of any person app of an Android device. Now, you are ready to reach the android device without any password.Forgetting the password of your Android phone and looking for ways to unlock your device?

How to Unlock Android Phone without Password

Here in this guide we will show how to unlock Android phone without password, 3 simple and reliable methods. Set a password or a fingerprint lock of Android phone is a common way to prevent our important data or private info from being prying eyes.

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Since the lock screen is hard to get into by design, lots of Android users are stuck on this problem, and wondering how to unlock Android phone without password.

Here in the following, 3 simple methods will be displayed to unlock Android phone without password. Method 1. PhoneRescue for Android could be the most ideal choice for Android users to unlock Android phone without password, as it requires no tech knowledge and just 1 simple click is needed to regain full access to your device.

No matter your phone is locked with password, fingerprint or pattern, it safely removes them without data loss. Moreover, locked screen removal feature of PhoneRescue for Android is totally free for users.

In addition, it also supports recovering deleted or lost photos, contacts, messages, apps as well as other Android file types.

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Step 1. Free Download. Step 3.

how to get into someones phone without knowing the password

After it recognised your Android device, click on Start Unlock button to start the removal process. Step 4. When the screen lock is removed successfully, the interface below will display and your Android phone will restart automatically. If you connect Android device to Windows computer at the first time, your computer will install USB Driver for your device automatically. To ensure the lock screen removal process start successfully, please make sure that you have rooted Android device before using the function.

If you have enabled Android Device Manager on your phone before locked it, then you can take advantage of ADM to unlock your Android phone.

Visit Google. Step 2. Also, you will see a password field on your Android phone, just enter the temporary password. Every Android phone allows us to enter the wrong passcode for five times, and the sixth is locked.

When you trying to enter the password again, you will receive a message show you that you have to wait for 30 seconds. In this way, if you keep your phone in Android version 4.Unlock any Android device or iPhone without much trouble. If you have the same question, then this would be the last guide that you will read. While you can unlock an Android without any data loss, there is no such provision for iPhone as of now.

To learn how to get into a locked phone in 5 different ways, simply read these dedicated solutions for Android and iPhone. If you want to unlock an Android device, then consider using dr. A part of the dr. In the end, the phone would be restarted in the normal mode while still retaining all the saved settings and data. The tool can get rid of its pin, pattern, password, fingerprint, and all kinds of other locks. Step 2. Step 3. Confirm the provided details and make sure that the entered device model is correct.

Step 4. Using the right key combinations, boot your phone in the Download Mode. Mostly, it is Power, Home, and Volume Down keys. There are clear on-screen instructions for the same. Step 5. As soon as your phone would enter the download mode, the application will start downloading the recovery packages for the device. Step 6. After downloading the recovery packages, the tool will restart the connected Android phone in the normal mode without any lock on its screen.

In this way, you can easily learn how to get into a locked Android phone. Just disconnect the device and access it without any existing lock.


Yes — it is really as simple as that! With it, you can remotely locate, ring, unlock, or erase your device. Though, the unlocking feature will only work on devices running on Android 7. For new Android devices, you would have to erase the phone memory if you wish to unlock it. Before you proceed, make sure you have met the following prerequisites:.These could include the need to monitor your children or employees productivity.

This involves sneaking a peek when they unlock their phones or asking them to open their phones so you can show them something while making sure you can see the password. Once you know what the password is, it is simply a matter of waiting for them to leave their phone unattended while you are around. Just make sure not to rearrange or delete anything otherwise you will be found out!

This process is a little more complicated and would involve a clear understanding of how phone operating systems work internally. Many such applications allow direct backdoor access and if you have the right software on your computer, you can crack open and access any and all data on the target phone. Though this method is pretty reliable for those who have the software and know how to use it, it still requires the individual in question to leave their phone around you long enough.

Connecting, cracking and accessing the target phone may take a bit! Since these apps are hidden, the owners of the phones being monitored are unable to tell that you have access to their devices. In situations where there is doubt, these apps allow you the time and give you the information you need to make sure whether the problem or person in question needs to be addressed! Again, if you can resolve things simply though open communication well and good. Alternatively if you are left with no choice but to covertly monitor someone, the steps above should allow you to do just that and hence come to the conclusions or take the steps that are needed.

To use this software you will need to know the Apple ID and password of the device you want to monitor. To use this software and complete installation on the Android device physical access will be required for approximately 30 seconds.

Toggle navigation.People want to find out what secrets the other person is hiding and hacking their cell phone is the best way to do it.

Since you are here, I am sure that you have a similar query as well. It is your lucky day because you have found the perfect guide that will teach you how to hack a cell phone with ease.

You might have made up ideas in your head about how tough cell phone hacking is going to be. Actually, through the methods I am going to tell you here, you can hack any cell phone even without any technical skill or knowledge. All you have to do is read this guide closely and stick to the steps that are suggested here.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Having It

Therefore, without waiting any longer, let me teach you all these cool ways to hack a cell phone without touching it:.

It is advised to use a monitoring app like Spyic for this purpose. The latest smartphones are very secure. You cannot access the data on the phone by resetting the passcode.

This will only delete all data. You need a spy app that can send you all the information discreetly.

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It will not only make it easy but also provide you security and save your time and energy. Spyic features so many functions that it is indeed many worlds rolled into one.

It is the one and the only app you will ever need for your remote phone monitoring endeavors.

how to get into someones phone without knowing the password

Searching for a reputed, reliable, and trusted phone-monitoring app? Your search ends at the most popular Spyic app.

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This app is highly recommended as it is used by millions of users across countries. Further, it is featured regularly in the top media platforms.

how to get into someones phone without knowing the password

Above all, the greatest benefit of using this app is that no rooting or jailbreaking is required. This is even when you monitor social media apps. Other spy apps will only let you do this once the phone is rooted. Spyic is different and uses cutting-edge technology for a root-free solution. This greatly simplifies the installation process and removes all complications out of the equation. The other spy apps will only let you read call logs, contacts, GPS location, and other trivial data without rooting or jailbreaking first.

The app has versions for both Android and iOS. In case the target device is an iPhone, there is no need to install anything on the target device at all. The iOS solution is cloud-based and uses only the iCloud credentials.

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